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Rattle Head Baits New for 2016! 1 Oz Spinner Baits

The new and innovative design of Rattle Head Baits’ patented free moving hook assembly produces a completely different sounding spinnerbait. As the hook moves, it strikes a brass rattle chamber enclosed in the head of the bait to produce a unique sound. These sounds vary as retrieve speed or lure action changes and with the different blade combinations. In addition, the design of the brass chamber keeps the hook in alignment with the head. This combination of features provides better vibration on retrieve, increases hook-ups (due to the noise being produced in the head and hook area), allows trailers more side-to-side action, and helps prevent fish from throwing the bait. Designed for the serious fisherman who wants a competitive edge.

Rattle Head Spinnerbaits are made in the USA and are of premium construction featuring hand-painted gills and a clear coat finish. Top quality components complete the package with a Sampo® ball bearing swivel, 24-karat gold- and nickel- plated blades, 3-D eyes, a state-of-the-art custom silicone skirt, and a Mustad® Ultra Point Hook™. Each lure also comes with a bushing in the package for skirt replacement.